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What Inspires

What Inspires
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What inspires? To create? To keep moving forward? To pack my lunch? To move? To recreate? To be spontaneous? To be open to what is next? To change? 

These are amazing curious questions… No wonder I loved Curious George books when I was a kid (I still love Curious George books). Why? Because I found them adventurous, curious, and funny in the way that he got tangled up and untangled.

Each creation is inspired with the texture, fit, design, color, how it feels, how it flows, how it mixes with its other creations (just like people, just like the landscape). Each description is thought out by the elements that make up the garment (detail, detail, detail). Each color is named with thought, with laughter, and with the ah ha moments.

This all takes a team. A team that shows up, trusts, teaches, are teachable, respects, listens, and is willing to accept. It’s about the idea, the curiousness, and the implementing. It’s about asking and being willing to accept help. It’s about letting others feel their part. Teaching me, teaching you.

We work hard, we laugh, we cry some days. We play music somedays. Somedays we work in silence. We adjust to what the days offer and what we offer to the days to inspire, to create, to keep moving forward.

I say these words with gratitude-Please and Thank you.

P.S. We as a team, and I personally, have so appreciated our grateful giveaway this week! Everyone’s gratitude makes a difference in this world! Keep doing it! 

And turning 60 years old today is so AMAZING!!!! 

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread


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