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Look around, and around. I remember thinking when Melissa (our daughter) was a toddler, you did not come with a handbook. She is 29 now and she has taught me so much, not just about motherhood but about letting go and watching it grow. Growing is not about more, more. It’s for me about learning, hanging on, BIG LOVE, listening, not knowing, and being in the experience. I am grateful for motherhood.

So this takes me to another passion in my world- Plume and thread. Being self-taught has connected so many experiences and humans through the fibers, the threads of this business. For example, the day I got the trademark notice.. “Cease and desist.” Ouch that was scary. But through the rebranding I got to meet Bobbi our TM attorney, cry like a baby in front of the team, and believe the quality, the design, and the resilience of the brand. I got to go deep inside the well of hope, knowledge, and strength of letting go of the outcome. I am so grateful.

Believe in yourself and know the “Thread” in plume and thread is the experiences people journey.

Happy Mother's Day!

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread


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