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Evolving the Brand

Evolving the Brand
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I remember sitting at the kitchen table with the team. The year was 2014. At that time we were “Feather Clothing.” I got the letter telling us to cease and desist. I share this with people as I had to hire a trademark attorney and rebrand. What does that mean? How did it make us feel? Initially we were angry. We wanted to fight for what was familiar to us. So we did the branding game and found words to describe the brand. When it was my turn I sobbed. I was afraid. I loved Feather. I loved what it was and what we did but I had no idea how magical that moment in time was and still is in my soul. So we started with the name “Plume.” But it wasn’t complete yet. Hmmm. We then evolved into Plume and Thread. The thread piece is the magic. It’s the magic that connects all of us together. It’s the thread that connects the creativity to the garments, to the relations with the stores, to their lives, to the retail customers we meet and haven’t met in person. As a brand Plume and Thread is socially conscious and values human relationships. So the thread makes sense! Have a great weekend! 

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread


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