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International Women's Day 2018

International Women's Day 2018
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Happy International Women’s Day.

As I begin my day I have my scheduled events; meetings, banking, coffee, designing, production etc. But what shows up is something real. A phone call from a stranger. A call from a woman, Tatiana, who has a dream, an idea. She begins, “I read an article about you. I cannot sew but I would like to start a fashion label. Where do I begin?” I practice my listening muscle.  I listen. I say “ME TOO.” I cannot sew but that never stopped me. What a brave woman to pick up the phone and connect. How heavy was the phone? Tatiana, you made my day as we all have something to share. Who knows where her dream will go? I honestly had no idea where mine would go. But I encourage all to live your dream. Find your dream. Share your dream. 

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread 


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